Creative Cash for Kids Financial Education Curriculum

Learn how easy it is to make sure your children leave home WITH the financial habits, knowledge and tools that most of us left home WITHOUT.


Dear Parent, Grandparent, Mentor or Teacher,

You know that feeling we get when we want our children to learn something soooo badly that we're willing to do practically anything in order to teach it to them?

Well, teaching them about money; how to make it, how to manage it, how to save and invest it, etc., is one of those somethings we KNOW they need but aren't sure exactly how to teach.

creative cash for kidsAs most adults know, the state of financial literacy in most countries is dismal. For some reason, we just are not taught about money when we're young...we're talk all sorts of other stuff that seems rather pointless, but we're not taught the stuff we really need to be successful in life.

The definition of financial Literacy is simply knowing how to use your money wisely; to have competence and knowledge in the area of personal finance.

That means knowing the importance of...


So here's a question for you...

Did you learn about money at home? How about at school? I know I didn't and if you're like most adults I talk to, you may be struggling yourself financially. This makes teaching your own kids about money even more challenging...and often not a priority.

If financial freedom sometimes feels like an illusive dream, you're not alone. Most of us simply didn't learn the simple personal money management skills and wealth creation principles that it takes to create that financial freedom for themselves.

The most important question...who IS teaching your kids about money?

Most parents feel that their kids should be learning financial skills in school. Most schools say it's the parent's responsibility. Either way, the end result is that very few kids every learn about money when they're young.

If your child is lucky, one of your child's teachers will a passion for empowering your kids and somehow fits it into his or her existing curriculum requirements.

However, the changes of this is slim or none.

Want to know how children really learn about money? They learn by watching you and others with it. They learn by listening to you and others talk about it. And they learn by having experiences with it.

We think learning how money works should be be taught in every school, and every grade AND we believe it can be FUN!

But it is usually presented as an elective at best, and that means that for the most part, it's up to YOU, the parent or guardian, to make sure your kids learn how to save, invest, spend, donate and use wisely!

We think that learning how money works may be your child’s most valuable lessons.

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It's never too early to start teaching your kids (or yourself) about money
...Start teaching them TODAY!

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At Creative Wealth, we teach kids, teens and adults how to create financial freedom for themselves, and others, and we firmly believe that when they have this skill, it empowers them to make choices that ultimately lead to a more fulfilling life.

Creative Cash for Kids was designed for you, the parent, teacher or guardian, with that purpose in mind. We know you don't have a lot of time but you want to make sure your children are prepared to handle the financial aspects of their lives so we've created this simple, easy to use program.

Each Creative Cash for Kids Home Program comes with:

1) One Financial Freedom Playbook (student workbook)*
2) One Easy-to-Use Parent/Teacher Guide

*If you need additional student workbooks, they can be ordered separately.

Here's a list of Wealth Principles covered in your Creative Cash for Kids Home Study Program. See if you can fill in the answers (they are below:-).

  1. Financial freedom is your _________.
  2. You are the CEO of your life; financial _________ is your responsibility.
  3. Your thoughts, __________ and attitudes determine your wealth potential.
  4. Being _______ is a temporary financial condition, being _______ is a state of mind.
  5. _________ it, _________ it, ___________ it down.
  6. Life is an adventure; let __________ be your guide.
  7. To be financially successful, learn the _____________ of money.
  8. Money is a ___________ to reach your dreams.
  9. Money buys you stuff, not _______________.
  10. Make money grow by putting it to ___________ for you.
  11. Pay yourself _____________.
  12. To create financial freedom, ______ the “energy” of money wisely.
  13. People don’t _____ to fail, they fail to ______.
  14. It’s not how much money you make that’s important, it’s how much you _______.
  15. If you can’t afford it in ____ , you can’t afford it at all.
  16. Save early, save __________.
  17. Financial success comes from managing __________, not avoiding it.
  18. Interest is only ___________ when you’re _____________ it.
  19. Don’t put all your financial ___________ into one basket.
  20. Invest with your head, not your __________.
  21. Assets ________ you (produce cash flow), liabilities ________ you.
  22. It is better to tell your money where to _____ than to ask where it _______.
  23. Only ____________ money when it’s going to ________ you money.
  24. People arena’t judged by their _________, but by the sum of their _________.
  25. Creating Financial Freedom is simply a matter of developing the right _______.

    Note: Answers available in the workbook:-).

If you don't prepare your kids to be financially successful, who will?

Here's some scary statistics:

Research shows that just 10 hours of financial education will make a difference!

teach your kids about money

If you don't prepare your kids to be financially successful, who will?

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Download a sample lesson for the Creative Cash for Kids program.

The Creative Cash for Kids Curriculum is a comprehensive guide that helps you teach your kids the importance of saving and investing and more importantly, why it’s critical to start early. Keep your child from being one of the thousands of adults who have told us they wish that they had learned how money works when they were young.

creative cash for kids


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financial education for kids

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financial education for kids

Your Kids Will Thank You Tomorrow!

P.S. If, after going through the entire Creative Cash for Kids Home Study Program, you don't think your children will be better off financially as adults, we'll give you your money questions asked.

P.P.S. Got little children? Teach them about money by letting them color about money in our new Financial Wisdom Coloring Book for Kids & Parents.

P.P.P.S. Want to teach a large group of kids, teens or adults about money? Use the revoluationary new financial education game...The Money Game!